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Your new home needs to meet your lifestyle requirements – now and in the future. We are specialist house builders, catering to the thing that matter most to you - whether you are very clear about what you'r looking for or aren't sure where to start.

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Full Service Builder

DNA Builders has many local projects going on at any time. We find land, design the home, develop it and sell it to future buyers. We have customers that come to us in all stages of the game; buying pre, during or post construction. Demand is very high so it is not very likely to get a post construction home at the stage.

Develop Your Property

Already have the land and looking for a builder to design and develop it? We can help! Land is half the battle, so if you already own something of your own we can gladly work with your to bring your dreams to life.

Design Your Property

Do you love our designs but already have a home builder or maybe out of state? Not a problem as we also offer our services for designing a property for other Contractors to complete. Whether you are looking to live in the home or a builder that does not enjoy the design aspect, please reach out to discuss working together.

Why Choose DNA Builders


The phrase “Custom Home” should mean more than getting to to put personal touches on what is otherwise a spec house. Home Builders should create unique properties that add value and to the neighborhoods that they are build in and represent the people that live inside.


Our goal at DNA Builders is to have people look at the homes we build and easily see that we are different than your every day home builder. As we continue to grow as a company we will not let the appeal of lower costs overshadow the importance of adding character to the communities that they are built in.

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