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About DNA Builders

DNA Builders was established in 2012, with roots that go far deeper than that. Cabot Edewaard is a third generation home builder who has been in the family business since he was 16 years old, giving him more than 20 years of experience. The group also includes Eric Rajchel and Richart Ruddie and primary investors and decision makers. Craig Edewaard remains on the team as a consultant with a lifetime of experience and knowledge and Josh Long serves as the Lead Construction Manager.

Together, the team at DNA Builders shares the same philosophy that homes should be more than a box that people live in. We view real estate as an art form and think that every home we build should be different, have character and represent the people that live inside. With that, the quality of the build is just as important as the design. When building homes that have the DNA name on it, you can be sure the the finishes on the inside are just as good as the outside.